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Lemon and Pea Risotto

When the warm nights hit, I’m always on a desperate hunt for dinner options that are satisfying, yet light and refreshing – I don’t go much on a salad for dinner…

This lemon & pea recipe, with a touch on mint is perfect for a summers evening with a glass of white wine! And I always manage to cook risotto for the 5000 so you can guarantee leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

Serves 2


300g risotto rice

50g frozen peas

400ml chicken stock (substitute for veg stock if making vegetarian)

Half a leek (finely sliced)

1 shallot (finely sliced)

2 garlic cloves (finely sliced)

Zest and juice of half / one lemon – dependent on your preference (I like mine lemony so go for a whole lemon!)

Dash of white wine

Knob of butter

50g parmesan (grated)

Few mint leaves


  1. Start by bringing some stock to the boil and leaving to simmer. In a separate pan, gently heat some olive oil with a little butter and fry the garlic, shallot & leek for a few minutes until softened
  2. Then add in the risotto rice and fry for 2 minutes before adding the wine. Once the wine has reduced, add in the lemon zest, a couple of sliced mint leaves and a ladle of stock
  3. For the next 20 minutes or so, every time the rice absorbs the stock, stir and add in another ladle – until the rice has almost cooked through
  4. When the rice is almost cooked, stir in the frozen peas and leave for a few minute
  5. Remove from the heat and stir through the lemon juice, butter, parmesan and season
  6. Serve with another sprinkling of parmesan, drizzle of olive oil & mint leaves and enjoy!

ps. This recipe is great to add in any veggies that need using up – as you can see from the photo I also chucked in a few mushrooms with the peas but you could add peppers, asparagus, spinach etc. whatever you’ve got in your fridge that needs using up!

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