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A selection of all my favourite recipes – from me to you.


I’m Katie. I first fell in love with cooking when I discovered quesadillas as an after school snack and soon started experimenting with whatever my mum would trust me with in the kitchen. I was very fortunate to grow up with lots of yummy home cooked meals, surrounded by a family who also love cooking (unfortunately for my dad, he was only trusted on very rare occasions and his repertoire stretched as far as stir fries, and stir fries..)

My love of cooking continued throughout university, where I struggled to understand how students could be happy living off beans on toast…’s safe to say I didn’t eat like your typical student. When I met Mike, we would have poached eggs every morning for breakfast and a lot of steak dinners…

Now, cooking is my happy time. My dream Friday night is leaving work, grabbing a nice bottle of red and coming home to an evening in the kitchen. Sunday’s for me, have to involve a hearty roast with all the trimmings, stuffing and Yorkshire puddings are essential. 

BUT, We tend to fall into a rut. The meal plan ends up on a cycle of the same 10 meals and I start to forget why I love cooking.

I love cooking to put a smile on peoples faces. Whatever the situation, a proper good plate of food always helps. And I’m happiest when I’m tucking into a stunning plate of food.

So this is what this is all about. It’s about creating plates of food that make you smile. Some will be healthy(ish!), some will be indulgent, some will be quick fixes for when you’re working late, and others will be perfect recipes for spending Sunday afternoon in the kitchen. 

I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we have.

Lots of love

Katie xoxo

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I love to cook – it is a simple as that! Born during covid19 and always looking for something new to try!

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